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    The Apocalypse Holiday Contest

    This month of December has to probably be our biggest contest yet compared to all the contests through out the years of Apocalypse. For this contest, we decided to try something different and so to say more interactive. Hopefully, you will all enjoy this contest to end the year off and all goes well! :)

    How Do I Enter This Contest?
    You can click here to take you to the website our contest will be taking place on.
    Register with your email and please use your in game name in replace of your name (this way we know which players are participating) to start earning entries towards the contest.
    For each task done, you will receive said amount of entries towards the contest. Please be sure to follow all the instructions indicated. We will be monitoring all the entries and we will deduct any amount of entries from people if we find a task was not done correctly.

    Tip: You are able to do some task every 24 hours.

    How Will Someone Be Picked?

    There will be 3 winners for this contest. Winners will be picked based off the top 3 people with the most entries towards the contest. The results of the contest will be announced via forums on January 1st at 12am EST.

    What Prizes Are Being Given Away?

    Alpha Rank

    Beta Rank

    4 Traveller Keys, 2 Adventurer Keys, & 2 Survival Keys

    Happy Holidays & Good Luck To Everyone! :)

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