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    Hey everyone, just a little reminder for you all that the old world will be removed on February 1st. If you still live in the old world, you still have till then to move stuff our from that world to the new world.

    Here are some quick questions you may have if you are unsure if you still live in old world and about claiming/moving.

    How can i tell if i still live in the old world?
    By doing the command /Res if it shows its disabled in this world, then your in the old world and need to move to the new one ASAP.
    How do i move to the new world?
    By doing the command /Spawn, then from there you can do the command /Wild, To be teleported to a random location in the new world.​

    How do i teleport back to my old home and back without losing my new home in the new world?
    Once you find a place in the new world you want to move to, Just place a chest down and it will create a starting claim for you. Then you can teleport back to by doing the command /Res list and clicking on your name in the list. This way you keep your /Home to move your stuff. However once your in the old world you must go to Spawn before doing that command.​

    How do i expand my claim or claim more in the new world with this new claim system?
    We have a guide posted on the forums Here where you can learn more about the new claim system.​

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