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Which server(s) are you more interested in to open?

  1. Factions/Kingdoms

  2. Skywars

  3. MiniGames

  4. Creative

  5. Skyblock

Multiple votes are allowed.
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    Hello everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your holidays. :) As we enter into the new year, we do plan on having many different server types open to you all. As you all may know we've had many servers in the works but with no set date of launching them. We have so much planned but unable to focus on one thing.
    We do have the intent of having all these servers launched at some point but at this moment we would just like to know more which server everyone looks forward to more. This way we know which we can focus on and have it opened for all to play on.
    The options are listed in the poll above. So, please vote on which server you want. If there isn't any you are interested in from the list, suggested are appreciated; just comment them down below. :)
    Everyone has the option to vote for atleast 2 servers but no more than that and you will not be able to change your votes so decide wisely!

    Thanks everyone!

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